Western and Eastern Wisdom Foundation (West-Östliche Weisheit)

  • The Foundation combines the wisdom of Eastern spiritual paths and Christian contemplative tradition, acting as a forum for trans-confessional spirituality
  • The Foundation tends to lead us to the spiritual path that opens to the trans-confessional roots that are the foundation of all world religions. It acts as a platform for guiding people towards the transpersonal Source of Life.
  • It researches, practices and teaches the fundamental structures of spiritual paths of Christianity and Eastern religions.
  • The Foundation emphasizes the inclusion of the practice in everyday life where we confirm and verify our achievements, and helps us expand our awareness in all its aspects – body, mind, soul and spirit.


  • It represents spiritual practices that seek to provide modern man with appropriate responses to life issues, taking into account contemporary views of the world we live in, including contemporary scientific research and achievements.
  • It promotes integral spirituality with no ties to any religion.
  • It teaches the paths leading to transpersonal experience through a wide range of courses and seminars.
  • It is regarded as a source of spiritual encouragement and support for the society in which it settled.
  • Its goal is to make people aware of their spirituality through the practice of various spiritual paths, connected and integrated with everyday life.
  • Benediktushof is open to everyone and all are invited to participate in the courses on offer, or to stay at the Centre as a short or a long-term guest.
  • It is the home to the contemplative line The Cloud of Unknowing, the Zen line The Empty Cloud founded by Willigis Jäger, and the Western and Eastern Wisdom Foundation.