Through internal attitudes of presence, openness without intention and trust, we let the divine healing energy work through us, bringing beneficial relaxation, comfort and pain relief, as well as strengthening our own self-healing powers.


In everyday life, we often touch each other. If something hurts us, we intuitively put our hands on a painful place on the body, and become more comforted, calmer. The contemplative laying on of hands is different from the everyday in that it is embedded in the tradition of Christian spirituality. It is related to the ancient tradition of ritual healing. Healing energy is considered to be the blessing power of God. This is not about the strength of an individual, the one who lays on the hands. For this reason, an inner attitude whose qualities are: presence, openness without intention and trust is very important. Trust means believing that anything is possible, but that nothing can be achieved by force

Laying on of hands can have physical, emotional and spiritual results/consequences such as beneficial relaxation, increased comfort and reduced pain. It also strengthens one's own self-healing powers. Laying on of hands, however, in no sense replaces medical diagnoses, therapies, or counselling.

Anemone Eglin, Course Leader

Anemone was born in 1953 in Winterthur, Switzerland, where she lives with her husband, Franz Nikolaus Müller.

After completing theology studies at the University of Zürich (1984-1990), she continued her education in the field of Integrative Sociotherapy at the Fritz Perls Institute (as part of the Europäischen Akademie für biopsychosoziale Gesundheit, Naturtherapie und Kreativitätsförderung) in Hückeswagen, Germany (1991-1998). At the same time, Anemone took over the ministry of Evangelical pastor in the city of Zürich with an emphasis on spiritual and pastoral work (1992-1999), and for the next ten years was a member of the Church Council of Zürich Canton (1999-2008).

In the early 1990s, Anemone met Willigis Jäger, who became her spiritual leader on the path of contemplation, and in the late 1990s, she began organizing contemplative courses with spiritual guidance. She is a teacher of contemplation in Willigis Jäger’s contemplative line “Cloud of Unknowing”.

In the following years, she has achieved her professional and scientific training, as well as transferring the acquired knowledge to others in several aspects: at the University of Zürich she launched a (unique!) “Advanced Studies in Spirituality” program in which, for the first time at a European university, contemplative practice became part of the regular curriculum (!) (1998-2018). Within the Foundation of the Neumüster Institute (Gerontology Science Institute) in Zollikerberg (Zürich), she was responsible for spiritual leadership (2003-2008), after which she was appointed as the Director of the Institute (2008-2016).

Anemone started practicing the laying on of hands in 2013 and, after completing two years of study, became a certified teacher at Anne Höffler School. In addition to the numerous courses she has conducted over the last four years, in 2015 she began, in collaboration with the University of Zürich, a major scientific project, “Comfort Study” – the effect of laying on of hands on the elderly who need help and care.