The Chinese tea ceremony never fails to reveal its appeal and its power when it introduces us to the peaceful enjoyment of sensuous simplicity with a cup of tea. For centuries tea has been associated with spirituality, beauty and intimacy.


We are especially honoured to have the opportunity to collaborate and share the experience of Chinese tea ceremony, gongfu cha, with the only two teachers in the region: tea master Felix Giron and our teacher, Đorđe Cvijić. While Đorđe has been honing his skills for years learning alongside his teachers, Chan monks, Felix has learned the art from renowned masters in China. Not only that, every season she treats us with dozens of new, fresh teas, brought directly from the homeland of Camellia Sinensis.

Several times a year we gather and, with a cup of tea, celebrate the simplicity and beauty of life with one quiet movement, one taste, aroma, colour, one look inside ourselves. During a simple gongfu cha ceremony, we taste two or three different, mostly Chinese, teas, and participate in a simplified presentation of tea basics. And since this “oldest soft drink in the world” has been a companion to meditation for more than a thousand years, every time the subject of meditation arises quite naturally.

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