Contemplative group practice is of particular value because it gives us impetus for our own work and enables us to empower ourselves in shared practice. Additionally, it is an opportunity to share experiences with other participants and to illuminate in a conversation with the spiritual teacher the darkened places that arise naturally on a contemplative spiritual journey.


“The secret of success is in repetition.” As it was true in the beginnings of human search for the meaning of life, so it is today – and so it is in contemplation. Just like in any other practice, it is only through its persistent repetition that we can arrive at a clearer, deeper and more complete meaning of what we do. Therefore, the solitary contemplative practice we perform every day is the basis of our spiritual growth. Over time, very soon after the introductory course, and perhaps a little later, we may feel the need to join a contemplative group. By participating in group practice, which takes place twice a week at our Centre, you can get encouragement and inspiration, as well as answers to specific questions in conversation with the spiritual teacher or other participants. Group practice can be intensified even more during days of contemplation that take place once a month, on a Sunday, unless there are other events in that month. Days of contemplation consist of six half-hour sessions with mindful walking between them, and a short break with a cup of tea in the middle (they last approximately four hours).

These three forms of practice (and after the introductory intensive) are considered the basis for the contemplative retreats to which every true contemplative is called. They together form the core of our true and complete transformation.