The Centre for Spiritual Journeys Zagreb

The CENTRE encompasses the way of the body through physical and energy exercises such as Aikido, Taijiquan, Qigong and Yoga; the way of the heart, in a passive way through the prayer of the heart, and in an active way by incorporating prayer into everyday life through acts of love and compassion; the way of the spirit, through a mystical, contemplative practice of pure attention. With this integral approach, we wish to bring the possibility of achieving the unity and integrity of the human being in all its potentials closer, both on the individual spiritual journey, and in the society as a whole.

Contemplative Journey

The contemplative journey into the mystical tradition of the West has always been the way of unification with the Ultimate, Divine Reality, God, and the way a realized, integral person lives in the world ...

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How to begin? Introductory Course

The fullness of contemplation can be experienced at any moment in life. Through a three-day introductory course, the practitioner learns about the basics of contemplative theory and practice.

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Contemplation in Everyday Life

The aim of the contemplative journey is to connect contemplative practice and experience to everyday life – contemplation in action.

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Contemplative Retreats

A contemplative retreat, lasting from 3 to 7 days, is a way of deepening the practice and descending into deeper levels of contemplative experience and insight.

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