The Centre for Spiritual Journeys Zagreb

  • We teach a contemplative way that leads to transpersonal, mystical experience based on Christian contemplative tradition. It is opened to trans-confessional roots of sophie perrennis (eternal, timeless wisdom) that is the basis of all world religions.
  • We promote integral spirituality that leads to the transformation of the integral human being – body, mind, soul, and spirit.
  • We see open mind and open heart as the basis for responsible action in the world, with love and compassion for all beings.
  • We encourage the inclusion of contemplative practice in everyday life, where our insights and experiences are confirmed and verified.
  • Our Centre is open to everyone and we invite you to take part in courses and events that we offer.
  • The Centre for Spiritual Journeys Zagreb is a branch of Willigis Jäger’s contemplative line Cloud of Unknowing. Oblak neznanja Willigisa Jägera.